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How do you know me?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

There's a link on my FB page I want you to see.

This is my oldest son's school project YouTube video about fractions. Yes, I'm pimping it out. Because it's a) good, and b) funny as hell.

If he was my blood-related son, I'd say he has my sense of humor. The pulling out of the knife cracked me up. Greg's one of those people you love to be around, because he's CRAZY SMART, and funny.

Not too many people have that combination of attributes in their personalities, but I happen to be blessed to know a few people like that. It might be because I am really lucky, or it might be that, like my brothers and my daddy (and most of my friends, LOL) I just don't have much of a tolerance for dumb people. But I digress...

Anyway, I hope you will watch the video. I want him to have a lot of hits on it, and good ratings- mainly because he's my son, but also because I think he deserves a "thumbs up". ;)


  1. That is a cute video, very funny. Is it for teaching a class? It would work great with elementary school classes.

    BTW, you can embed a Youtube video into your post so people don't have to copy and paste the link to see it. Here is a good article on how to do it..

  2. Thanks for watching guys, it means a lot ;) Greg wants to teach teens or pre-teens; he'll be so good at it. He lives in Oregon & is thinking of moving here or near Brent's when he finishes his degree, we're really excited about THAT! We miss him sooo much.
    I tried posting the video but u know how dumb I am, lol ;)