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Saturday, February 5, 2011

My cats and their treats :)

I have 2 amazing cats, ages 7 & 9. They are very different, like night and day, but they were raised together by my cousin Tracy. When I was considering getting a cat last year, she sent me pics of the two, and I had to have them both. I couldn't break them up. They love one another so much and I am so grateful I made that decision. I think Tracy and the cats are too, ha :) but I digress...
I have taught these cats to give "kisses" for treats. They freaking love treats and they will do anything I tell them to do; all I have to do is shake that bag. But I am sticking with the "kisses" for now. I have to tell you though, they don't REALLY kiss me. That's disgusting. My male cat just brushes his whiskers against my nose, and my female cat just gets really close and breathes on me like some stalker. It's a little creepy when she wakes me up that way.
I buy Temptations treats made by Whiskas. They don't like any other treats I have found, whether they be more or less expensive. The Temptations treats are about $1.50 or so for 6 ounces, & I buy them by the case because my cats are spoiled little piggies.
Tracy told me when she left them that they eat only one type of cat food and thank God it's really cheap. After a while... I, not knowing a damn thing about animals, decided they should have some variety in their life & try another cat food, maybe switching off from theirs to the new one from time to time so they wouldn't be bored with their food. Yes. I know that was a stupid idea. Cats like what they like and we shouldn't screw with it. I know that now.
So guess what!?! I ran out of treats during the time that John and I had the flu. The cats don't understand that mommy and daddy feel like crap and are not going to the store for treats, and they are not going to ask their friends and family to do it either, lol :) they were super pissed. They cried. Loudly and incessantly. For days.
I knew I could order on and have them in a couple of days. So I did that. And I went into the master bathroom and sat there on the floor with them, trying to console them as they cried and looked up at me as if to say, "how could you let this happen to us?"
In the corner of the room I spotted the 40 pound bag of their unwanted cat food, ironically made by the same company that makes their treats. Hmmmmm. I looked at the pictures on the front of the bag. I looked at the pictures on the front of the treats bag. I read the ingredients of both bags. Freaking Eureka! I shoo-ed the cats out of the room, took the empty treat bag, filled it up with the Whiskas cat food from the 40 pound bag, sealed both bags back up, and waited.
I shook the treat bag now filled with Whiskas cat food. No response. They were really pissed at me now. I shook it again, calling out, "do you want a treat, come give mommy kisses!?!?"
They walked in slowly, looking at each other, then at me, as if to say, "what, she pulled them outta her butt?"
First the female in her deep "I don't give a crap" voice meowed LOUD. No kisses. She won't eat her treats from the floor like the male will and the male won't eat treats from your hand like she will. So I poured the fake treats into my hand, held them to her disapproving face and... She ate it like CANDY. Then she wanted MORE. As I was mentally calculating how much freaking money I had just so brilliantly saved, the male cat is standing there, on his hind feet, trying to reach me for his "kiss" so he could have a treat too! He won't eat treats without his kiss now, he will walk right away from them if you don't "kiss" him first. So I gave him his anxiously awaited "kiss" and put his "treats" in front of him. He thought he was in cat Heaven.
So thank you Whiskas, not only for making great treats my cats love, but also for making the much cheaper cat food that passes for cat treats. At least in our house. You saved me a munch- load of money. ;)

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  1. Cats definitely have strong personalities. My Juju kitty is the playful one and likes to wrestle with the dog. Weddles is real passive though, she just sits there and watches them like they are idiots.